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Sunday, July 3, 2011

♪ So some good news ♫

  I've been invited to a convention for North Dakota Authors and Librarians only!! Yay! I'm not completely sure what it is, but I know it is to introduce North Dakota authors to the librarians in the area.

Working hard I guess on Blackberry Blossom. Thank you guys for the ideas! Golden Sunrise is getting revised right now. My mom read it. I like to have her read it overall to see what she thinks of it. I love how she circles all of the horse terms and wonders what the are. "What does this mean??" she writes. :) Lets see. Do you know them? You should. Some of the terms she didn't understand: true collection, leads, pace. haha. I can't wait to send Golden Sunrise off to the publishing house! It's got a lot of work to go though . . . .

Check out bookblogger's interview on her blog here: . Thanks bookblogger! (haha thanks for snagging that horrible picture of me. :P)

Also, my friend Lulu is hosting a givaway on her blog. I am sponsoring it with one of my books. Check it out and see if you can win a copy!

Any of you have facebook? My parents finally said it was alright, so maybe I can make some new friends. :)