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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Funny Cat Pictures----

 . . . I Love them!

I have decided, however, that I don't realy like giveaways too much. Too stressful! I hope none of you are mad you didn't win. I did try to give away a lot of prizes, more than $50 worth, acutally. So let's lighten up with some funny pictures of stupid cats.

Ha ha! Although I wish whomever made these would spend some time getting the words spelled right > > > > > Thes ones sem to be ok tho. :D



  1. Haha! Those are cute!
    I hope the giveaway wasn't to stressful for you. I certainly enjoyed it.

  2. I saw one pic with a cat lying on a lap top and it says:

    Writers Block

    I has it.

  3. I understand how stressful giveaway's can be, so your not alone on that. :)

    I think the last picture is my favorite! :D

  4. More funny pics:

    (You don't need to post this comment)

  5. haha, funny pics! :) Thanks for sharing Mattie!

  6. Hey Mattie,
    Sorry I haven't gotten back to you yet, my mom will email you ASAP.


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