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Monday, February 21, 2011

Sorry I haven't posted for so long . . .

It just seems like sometimes that nobody reads this stuff, though I know that isn't really true. I have been having kind of a busy time lately --- here's the rundown on what's been happening in my life:

  1. I got in big trouble. That's as much as you need to know. My parents are forcing me to quit my job at the grocery store and they're going to try to keep me at home alot. *stupid laugh* We'll see how that works out.
  2. I found a bass player and a drummer. Yes! You wouldn't know how hard that is to do in this small, boring little town. Now my problem is figuring out how to convince them that a girl guitarist can be just as good as a dude.
  3. I finished the rough draft of Golden Sunrise. Emphesis on "rough", as it is very.
  4. I got invited (sort of) to prom at our local high school.
  I am trying to figure out what to do with my grand prize. I think I am just going to draw another name. Anora, however will get her blog featured, which I will do in the next post. I guess I'll let you guys know who wins the two books and the breyer horse the next post, too.

Your boring friend,


  1. Ouch.Sounds like a lot of stuff has ben going on :) Sierra

  2. That's too bad that you got into trouble. :( Hope things go well for you.

    Congrats on finishing your rough draft! Can't wait to read the final results. ;)

    I really enjoy reading your blog, because it inspires me to keep on writing in hopes of publishing a book someday.
    Take care. :)

  3. Grr. I hate whe I get in big trouble. It is like this guilt seeps into my bones and I cannot rid of it. YOU ARE NOT BORING! I love reading your posts and love to get to know you. I feel the same way about my blog.

  4. Mattie, please don't call yourself boring and ugly. You're not.

  5. I don't like getting in trouble either! Sorry you had to quit your job. I can't wait till I can work in a grocery store!
    Congratulations on finishing the rough draft! I never finish my stories, and when I do they don't seem very good or they aren't long enough. Do you have any tips on making my stories longer?
    You're not AT ALL boring, I love reading your posts!
    Oh, and how do you get those hearts. (ex. you have a bunch of hearts above your picture that says "I heart appaloosas.")

  6. Yeah, those hearts are so cool how do you u do them?
    Back to main subject.
    Who does like getting in a mess? (No one duh)
    Congrats on finishing your rough draft.

  7. Mattie, you are not boring!!!
    Where did you get that idea?
    I check your blog every day to see if you have posted anything, so as to your thought of nobody reading this, it's not true!!!


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