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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Giveaway Closed

 So I can't wait to see who wins!! I'll announce the winners on Thursday. Some people have let me know that they aren't allowed to be in the contest, that's fine, I'm thankful that you follow and read this blog anyway!
We also have someone else who is entered in the givaway now, Katie. Looks like another writer! :)
  Also, please answer the poll underneath the followers gadget letting me your approx. age. I am curious, but if I know too it will help me determine what to post. I've been thinking about more book excerpts, how about you?
   I am almost finished with Golden Sunrise, I am at about 18,000 words and my horse stories usually run between 20 and 30 so we'll see. I'm not really a word counter, anyway. It's just when the story's done, it's done. I still need to have my mom read it and then my editor, and then you never know with the publishing house, it could take 1-2 months just getting it published. So it's safe to say I still won't have it for at least another 3-6 months. But that doesn't mean I can't let you take a look!


  1. I did the poll.I can't wait!But I must :(
    You might want to check out Stephanie Morrill's blog Go Teen Writers(
    She is having a sort of writing contest.She gives you a line and you have to write the next 100 words or less.It's pretty cool.Sierra

  2. Is this book self published? If it is, have you ever tried to actually publish it?

  3. Sounds interesting. :) Can't wait to see who wins the giveaway!


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