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Monday, January 31, 2011

On Pen Names and Such

I've always wondered about pen names. If maybe I should use one? Do you use one? What do you think?
So far, there would be no reason for me to use a pen name. I just use my real name. But I have considered other names. I've thought about M.J. Richardson to put on my novels, but then I realized M.J. also stands for Michael Jackson, and people would be constantly asking me what my middle name was.
   I've also thought about Matty Richardson or even going a little farther with Matt Richardson if I didn't want people to know so much about me. I've also considered keeping the Mattie (it is kind of unusual, the spelling anyway) with a different last name. Mattie Taylor kind of suits me. I also have thought about going all the way with a pen name for something totally different, most likely with the first name Free.

What would your pen name be?


And P.S. Which one do you like for me?


  1. I can recall using the names; Ginger Lasky & M.E. Holmes as my pen names when writing stories.

    For me, I like Mattie Taylor the best. :)

  2. Definitely Mattie Taylor!
    I think I would use my real name, but if I had to have a pen name, I think the first name would be Destinee or something different that most people aren't named.

  3. I think that if anyone bothers with a pen name, they should go all out with something way different :D

  4. Oh I don''t know....maybe my blogger name. =)

  5. I would say Mattie Taylor, or even spell it Matti. lol.

  6. If I chose a pen name, I would chose something different, with a D. for a middle initial. D would stand for Devin, which means poet. And I do write a little of that.

  7. Mattie Taylor too I guess.
    Hmmmm, Sierra something.I've been trying to think of a last name forever!!!!


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