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Sunday, January 30, 2011

People who are entered in my giveaway

Okay, when I started I told myself that I would count each time everyone was entered when they commented me and told me why they were entered. Well, life got in the way, people don't always tell me everything, it seems like people told me some things twice . . . but I have gone through all the comments, blogs, etc to compile this list. So the contest ends officially on the first.
  Just to double check. Here's everyone who's entered in the contest. If there is a (1) by your name that means your entered once. If there's nothing, you're entered 2-4 times. A heart (♥) means you have your name entered five or more times. If you feel that any of this is wrong, please let me know!!!

Lulu (1)
Sierra (from mission cool)
Shelley (1)
Becca Isler(1)
Arianna (1)
Sierra (from Whispers of the Wind) (1)
Nature Freak (1)
Anora ♥
+Flamingo Pink+
Book Blogger♥
Ceara (1)
Stephen Baird(1)
Michele (1)

People I've missed, they changed their names or stopped following, or What? PLEASE LET ME KNOW IF YOU ARE ON THIS LIST, WHAT HAPPENED. :)
Allegra Rockwell--what is your name now?
Crazzee Bookworm
Alistar of Woodland
Salome Unger
REMEMBER, you only can be entered if you are currently following too. :)

Hope everyone sees this before the first!

And remember too, it doesn't always matter how many times you are entered. You just have a better chance  at winning. I wouldn't be surprised if someone who was only entered once won the grand prize. :P



  1. My new name is Nicki T. But I think I'm still registered on your blog as Allegra Rockwell. You can choose whichever name you want.

  2. Okay, so exactly how many times am i entered? I have your button on three of my blogs, posted about it on three of my blogs, was the first to post about the givaway for an extra point, and have brought you I don't know how many followers. (I know for sure Gallop girl) so that would be..... 8??? I dunno.

  3. Alright Nicki! I'll make sure to have to entered.


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