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Friday, January 7, 2011

Bad News

   Did you like the first chapter of Appaloosy? I hope you could read most of it without your eyes watering.
   I have bad news. I called the publishing house today and they said that my books (Dusty's Trail) will not be ready until Jan. 20. I also owe them $280. $280!!!!!
   How did the 1/3 payment work out from 203 to 283? I don't know where these charges are coming from, so I'm asking them to send me a itemized bill. And of course it has to come at a time when I am broker than broke.
     For those wishing to publish their own book (I know there probably are a lot of you) : I DO NOT reccommend Morris Publishing!  They have done a great job on my covers, but they are
  • Very Expensive!
  • Very Slow!
  • Not very efficent
  • And sometimes crabby.
     I am not going to be using them for my next book. These books may end up costing more than I will be selling them for!! $700-$850 for a hundred copies, you can see why that doesn't work.
    They have been working for more than a month on this book. I sent it in around the beginning of December. They told me 20 days but apparently they took a long time off for Christmas.
     They charge extra for ANY changes that have to be made to your book. Pages, cover, any minute detail will cost you extra, and they want you to basically do everything yourself. To design my cover cost about $210 itself and I know they didn't spend more than a couple hours on it. (It is a very simple design.)
     I was assigned a person who seems like she doesn't like me, when she talks on the phone to me she always sounds annoyed.
     So you can see that I've simply taken down to countdown. I'll have a post when the books finished. I am so disapointed!!!!!!!!! Sorry for the rant, but a lot of you are authors and can you feel my pain? Or at least know what I'm talking about.

Feeling let down,


  1. Book blogger told me about your blog. So does that mean she gets a fourth thing in the draw?

  2. I posted about the contest on my Writer's blog. Here's the address:

    Or you can go to my profile.

  3. Yep, I've entered book blogger in another time, and entered you twice. Hope you like Appaloosy Dreams!

  4. I ALMOST used them. But we switched to Createspace cause they are much less expensive. And I saved money by doing my cover all myself - with the help of my dad and friend.

  5. That is horrible!
    Good news though, I finally started my book!
    I'm doing it in a notebook.I started it yesterday.Hope things get better(if I get something published I won't use them!) :(

    Hey Mattie, I hope things get better with your book!
    Tip: know what wworks best in these sort of times? Prayer! Jesus cares about everything!

  7. Self publishing has never been recommended, just so you're aware. You really should see if you can get your next books published traditionally. It's also harder to sell self published books.

  8. Self publishing has never been reccomended. The books are hard to sell.

  9. Hi
    Thanks for telling me that self publishing is never recommended. But never recommended by whom?
    Books are easy to sell, just not in mass quantities.
    I get the money, not the publishers. (Publishers give you about 4% of the profit money)
    I know I don't get famous, but you never really get famous if you publish traditionally either.
    Traditional publishers will not read your manuscript unless you have an agent and/or were published before.
    But mostly, I KEEP THE RIGHTS TO MY BOOK! When you sell a manuscript to a traditional publisher you are selling the rights. That means if they decide to stop publishing your book then you have to buy the rights to your own book back.
    Believe me, I have looked into this.


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