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Sunday, January 2, 2011

i am a real person

And I have a face. It isn't a pretty face, but it's mine.
 i don't reside in pictures.
 i'm almost a spirit, moving to and from places as i please, showing up in public school, out of school, in Enderlin, in Fargo, in Minnesota, in the courthouse, in church, in New York, in the newspaper or in your dreams. i am bound by no rules, captive to few laws. None of Man's Law's of course, but there is one law i will always follow: God's Law.
  Does it really seem like I'm talking about myself? Not really. I follow the rules most of the time, but sometimes I just want to sprout wings and fly. Once long ago I almost vowed to myself that I would stop being so shy. It worked. Maybe now I'll try the same thing. I think I am going to stop being afraid of myself in pictures.

So let this be known as the day Mattie Richardson stopped being afraid of herself in pictures.

                                                * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Sorry I haven't posted lately. I have recently been reading Bleah's blog (with Love and Kisses) and noticed all the pictures of here. Hmm, quite interesting; though I wonder if it is wise to put so many pictures of yourself on the Internet. BUT- So here's what I got for Christmas! (and if you're curious as to what I look like . . .)

A horse Calender!


Headphones for my guitar so that no one else can hear my annoyingness.

And a surprise from Santa Claus--Balloon twisting book and a lot of balloons.
Some extra balloons on my head and a tiny toy Volkswagen-also from Santa.
Though I wish I could have gotten a real one.

  So there you are-that's what I got for Christmas. I enjoyed reading about what you guys got, too!

   Your Friend,


  1. Hi,
    I just thought I'd mention
    that scezzle told me about
    your blog! :)

  2. What! I think you're really pretty :)

  3. Hey crazeebookworm!
    If you're a follower, you're entered into the contest now, too. I would enter scezzle another time, but she chose to opt-out of the contest.
    Each follower you send my way gets you another chance, too!
    Thanks for following, I hope you enjoy this blog!

  4. I got a GREEN DAY calander 4 christmas i wonder who gave it to me.


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