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Saturday, January 8, 2011

I Am Now Offering Critique Services

    Now--because I love to read and write I am offering Critique Services for fiction stories. I will read through your manuscript and check for grammatical errors and offer a bit of advice. Here are the terms:

1. Prices are $5 plus postage for manuscripts up to fifteen single sided pages, $10 for 15-30 pages and $15 for 30-80 pages. Postage is usually around 2-4 dollars. I will read fiction in any genre, nonfiction in a few circumstances. (DISCLAIMER--I am not a professional editor and don't pretend to be. You will see that in the prices. Right now I am just interested in helping others out.) If any of you are very talented and proficient in the blogging area (buttons, headers, etc.) we can work out a trade too.

2. You must be under 20 years old for me to read your manuscript at these prices, and you must be unpublished. (self-publishing and small- town newspapers excluded)

3. I probably won't catch every single grammar error, but I promise to do my best and I will probably find quite a few. As for advice, I always try to be kind and helpful and please take it that way. I will offer suggestions on plot & character expansion, foreshadowing, dialogue, etc. but will leave it up to you on how you want your story.

4. If you are interested, please email me at with a brief synopsis of your story and when you plan to send your manuscript. I will send you a confirmation email when I receive your manuscript and payment. Please give me about two weeks to complete the critiquing, I will always try to be efficient but if circumstances make it so that I require more time, I will email you and let you know.


  1. I was wondering if you could read over my stories on my blog and tell me what you think of them. You don't have to critique them, just tell me if they are any good at all.
    Once I'm done the other story that I'm working on I might send it to you, but for now, could you just tell me what you think of those stories on my blog?

  2. Could you just read my first Silver Moon story and tell me if the plot is good? I already know that it needs lots of cleaning up, I'm going to rewrite the whole story, just tell me if you like it.
    Sry, I don't really want to pay to edit my storys, I'd rather do the best I can myself. And I'm not really that serious. Yet. Mainly I want to find a good plot before thinking about publishing anything.
    Good luck wriing, editing, and walking the road of becoming a great author!

  3. Alright, Book Blogger and Scezzle, I see where you're coming from. Mainly I ask people to send them out because I don't like looking at a computer screen the whole time, you wouldn't know how much money I waste printing out my own stories to read them over. BUT . .
    I will read a story up to approx. 10,000 words on your blog for free if you are a follower.(i know you are!)Basically because you two are so great (really=) and really keep up with the reading and commenting on my blog too.
    Please tell me where I can find your stories. Post them on your blog or comment here and tell me where you have them. I will try to find time either tommorrow or in the upcoming week.

  4. Both stories are on my Book Nook blog.
    Here's the address. (I have no idea how to link stuff):
    You know how to get there already because you're a follower, but just in case.

  5. Great idea, Mattie! :)

    P.S. 22 followers - yay! So awesome!

  6. My storys are on
    I know they need ALOT of editing, just tell me if you like the plot. If you have time to read them. I have no clue what-so-ever of how long they are. I just write them, I don't count.
    ~Scezzle :)


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