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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Dew you Like Moutain Dew?

     *This is a blog after all, and I think it's time to take a break from all the writing stuff and have some more of personal stuff! =) *
      Some weird pictures that my sister took. I miss my Summer DQ days and was frying up some grub for the kids. (I know, unhealty!) with my Mountain Dew Tee. (while taking a break now and then to play some tunes! after washing my hands up of course) I just happen to be extra supper efficent when it comes to frying food and doing something else at the same time. (How else do you think I can accomplish so much in the summer?)
  My sister said, "drink some and I'll take a picture of you!" I was like, "Whatever!" but if you want to see some pictures of me, here you go. Too bad I don't have a kind of photoshop to edit myself a little bit. I wasn't ready for any pictures, but I guess this is more truthful anyway cause it's what I look like a lot of times when I'm at home and nobody cares what I look like. I was going to scan in a pencil drawing that I drew that I thought was kind of interesting and related, but now our scanner isn't working. *sigh*
  I'm trying to learn the song "Free" by Switchfoot and I just couldn't figure it out until suddenly I realized: It's in a different tuning!! (drop d)
   I've got most of it learned, it's just the one hard part with the string bending. (You can hear it if you listen to the guitariest [wait! is that a word?] sounding sound) And also the fact that I don't have a distortion pedal, which makes it sound so weirdly wrong. But oh well.

It had been a long day-don't judge me so much on how I look.
I don't even think I had makeup on. :)

Doesn't my brother look weird?
     I'm hoping that I can save up my money and buy a little video recorder so that I can put up youtube videos of me playing some covers of songs. People never believe me when I say I can play, and it's not like their going to hand me an electric guitar to show them! I also get very, very nervous when I play in front of people, any people. Anyone else?
     Have a fun day!

Here's a cool link for guitar players too: ( online guitar tuner )


  1. Haha funny, I hate Mountain Dew! :)

    Cute pictures! :)


  2. Mountain dew, we buy a different brand of ginger ale. (I can't remember its name, I think it's Canadian...something. I'll check, we have some.) I LOVE to mix it with juice. Any kind of juice. (Exept grape juice. I HATE grape juice. I also hate iced tea. YUCK!)
    YEAH! I'm learning guitar! But I'm using an acoustic guitar. I just started teaching myself after I got my guitar on Chritmas.
    Hey, jeans and a t-shirt is ALL I wear. (Unless I don't have a choice.)
    Your brother looks fine to me. You should see my older brother! Ha ha! :)

  3. Never mind, we have Sprite. I can't remeber what the other brand is called.


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