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Sunday, January 9, 2011


  I have been reading a lot of confessions on blogs. But I have been thinking, what constitutes a confession? I think that you should be confessing something that you wouldn't really want people to know, not just spitting out random facts about yourself. I've thought about it, and here are some of my confessions. You may not think about me the same, but everyone has their own little secrets. Some of them are funny, some of them embarassing, some of them . . . . well, we would die if anyone else knew about them.
    But these are a few of mine.

Confession-- I like to be with boys more than girls (in general) they're always more fun

Confession--I hate my job.

Confession--I'm afraid of Police officers

Confession--♥Music is my life♥

Confession-- I didn't start wearing any makeup until I was sixteen years old.

Confession-- I'm Stubborn, Arrogant and Criticizing  >:-(

Confession--But I can also be very nice. =)

Confession--When I'm mad at my parents, I love getting into trouble without them knowing.
But when I'm not, I find it hard to betray their trust.

Confession--Sometimes I think I love my van more than some  people

Confession--I hate it when people think we're rich, because we're not.

Confession--The guy I'm crushing on hates my guts

Confession--I get so depressed in winter, and nobody knows. It gets kind of scary. It gets so bad, I think that I can't live through it until one day-- POP spring is here!

Confession-- Almost every day I fear that I will fail in life.  That I won't be smart enough, sucessful enough, good enough. That I will be loser. I fear sometimes that I won't live up to everyone's expectations, that I will get so overwhelmed that I will just give up.

But you know what makes all these secrets easy to deal with and makes some of them go away? Talking to God. Reading his word. That's why it's so hard for me to cope with things if I try to get away from him. I've learned that Always trusting Him  is the best way to go.

What are some of your confessions?
I dare you to put them up on your blog, or comment on them here.

Hoping you think that I'm still normal,


  1. Hey, nobody's perfect. (You have a crush? But mainly, YOU HATE YOUR JOB?!! What?!)

    Confession-- I am in love with a burrito. (Okay, I love burritos.)

    (Don't show this to a boy.)

    Confession-- I am so the same with you on the first one: I like to be with boys more than girls (in general) they're always more fun.

    Confession-- I wish I was a boy.

    Reason (For the last two): Boys are good at everything. They are good at sports, (did you know that there has never been a girl in the NHL? Only a goaly, BOARING.) Boys are strong. There are so many boy bands. Boys are good at video games, they are good at EVERYTHING!!!
    Disapointed in me? Maddy?

    Oh, By the way...
    She liked what you wrote and she changed her mind. So I get:
    1 for following
    1 for advertising
    1 for bringing Crazeebookworm
    Don't belive me, check your comments.
    Sry about going in, going out, and coming back in!

  2. The only reason I wouldn'twant to be a boy is because I'd have to give up the girl friends I have. I could never do that. :(

  3. Yes I believe you Scezzle! And I yes, I hate my job: working at the boring-est grocery store this side of the Mississippi.

  4. I am scared of guys(especially the really cute ones) because they make me feel intimidated and I always say something totally dumb.
    I am really lazy.I would read books all day in bad and just eat.
    I feel like my reviews are horrible.
    I feel like I am drifting away from one of my best friends.
    I can't keep to a schedule unless I do it for a long time.Then it sticks.
    I get mad easily.
    I judge people a lot.
    That really felt good.I think that these are great to do.It lets stuff out.
    P.S.Hope you don't hate me for how pitiful I am :)

  5. Hey Sierra,
    These are only *some* of my confessions. I don't hate you for how pitiful you think you may be. :) That's what I kind of thought when I posted this.
    I used to be intimidated by guys until I started talking cars and guitars with them! Then I think maybe they got intimidated by me (well, some of them) But since I started talking and doing stuff with them it gets a lot easier as it goes on.
    It does seem to let something out. Thanks for commenting,

  6. I hope you don't mind that I published your comments on my story! Thanks so much! I might email you other stuff one day if I can finish my stories.

  7. Hi Mattie! Thank you so much for linking up! I am so ready for spring to get here even though it seems like Winter has just started! It won't be that long though, give it until mid March and we should start feeling some warmer weather.

    I loved reading your confessions and hope you have a lovely Tuesday! ^_^

  8. This is crazy, but the post i wrote right before I found your blog is about confessions! Well....kinda! lol You should check it out! :) Awesome post!


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