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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

I hate mornings.

 Arrgh. I hate mornings.
  I love that fuzzy line between sleep and awakness, that point in time where I dream most, and just as my prince is coming to get me, I grab a spoon to start eating that mountain of chocolate brownie ice cream, or when I just put my pen to sign the line give over the movie rights away for my new novel, I wake up. I love dream life. Partially because it's almost always summer there.
   Mornings are when the urge to sleep overcomes the urge to wake up and get something done. Arrgh again. I cover my head with my pillow try to open my eyes. I know I have to wake up, or I will be doing school all day. I finally put in my earbuds and crank up some Skillet as loud as my mp3 will go. Still my body refuses to listen. The dog jumps up on my bed and licks my face, mom yells at me again, and finally my brother pulls the blankets away and I fall onto the floor. Ouch. I am awake.
    On the other side of things, I love nights! It's the time when I'm most awake, when my mind works quickest, when most of my ideas come to me. It's when I can write, and write, and write without running out of steam. When I can play my guitar till dawn without getting tired. When I can just sit, listen to music, and think clearly.
     Arrgh. Third time. I wish that God would make my mornings and evenings switch.


  1. I LOVE mornings! That means breakfast!
    *laughs* Okay, that's not really why, but breakfast is my favorite meal of the day.

  2. I seem to have the same problem. :) I'm a night owl - but not a morning person. I, er, wake up at 8:00 for school. *sheepish grin*

    I find that placing an alarm clock across the room helps me get up (forces me to at least). ;)

  3. I hate mornings too. I am *NOT* (repeat NOT) a morning person! I, for one, rarely have to get up early. I sleep in and still manage to finish all my schoolwork easily. (though I actually have just as much as anyone else, plus two instruments)

  4. I have the same thing sometimes.
    But, for the most part I love the morning.
    I usally get up at around six.
    I like the evenings too.
    Thats when I probibly get the most stuff done!

  5. My Dad is making me go to bed earlier.But last night all the sibs had to go to the bathroom and take forever then I had 5 minutes until my deadline to be in bed and still had to brush my teeth,take a bath(shampooing and conditioning) and get dressed and braid my hair.I went like 40 m. over.I am a total night owl.I like to get up early, but most days it just doesn't happen. Sierra


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