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Monday, January 24, 2011

A Poem For You

 I kind of always wrote poems, but since I began playing the guitar I've switched over a little more to song lyrics. Well, as I was cleaning out my room a little today, (emphasis on a little!:) I found an old notebook of poems I wrote. I picked one out that I kind of liked to post today:

I thank you God for this day
For all the things you give away
Each new morning slowly coming in
Taking off where the last one's been

For the birds that sing each mornin'
The lovely blue sky they soar in
For the sweet small drips of dew,
Who made them all for me, You.

The soft hoot of an owl,
I'm finally roused out of bed now,
To look outside and say,
Thank you God, for this day.

 As you can probably tell, I'm not much good with the whole rhyme and rhythm thing in poetry, which is probably why I don't try to get it published. Do any of you write poetry? (I know Shelley does =) Give me some tips or post some of yours on you blog for me to read.
I also want to enter another one of Scezzle's contests. I'm going to enter the drawing one, in the Animals category. I have two. Which one do you think I should use?

My scanner wasn't big enough to fit this,
but you can see most of it. I entered this one in
the county fair and won a blue.

Here's a kind of disproportional horse- but hey,
I tried!



  1. I've written only one.I do write songs though.Not any since December and not for bit before that either.Sierra

  2. I like the second picture best. :)

    Neat poem!

  3. Wow! Cute! You can enter them both! I'll add them right away! Thank you! :) You're really good at drawing horses. :D

  4. Hi Mattie
    I like your drawings they are realy good.I like your poem!I like drawing and painting and writting poems and rhymes too!I`ve drawn some horses as well Im not too good thuogh.By the way if I was the jude at the fair I would have given you drawing first place (I don`t know what color that is)
    Love Margaret


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