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Friday, January 14, 2011

Some Things You Should Never Try

 Hi there bloggers! Today at 5:00 I will be leaving for a youth winter retreat. I'm so excited! Finally a weekend I can spend with some friends. I have made a commitment not to think about Golden Sunrise, my song lyrics, my teen novel or blogging so this will be the last post for a couple days. I might post again on Sunday. For this post I've decided to give you kind of a funny list of things that I think you probably shouldn't try unless you're really determined.
And BTW, I have done everything on this list.

1. You should not try trick riding unless you have been trained by someone who knows what they are doing. Results could be any of the following: horse being frightened, you being frightened, broken legs, arms, or wrists, and/or people thinking that you are stupid.
 Though it would help if I had an arena instead of just a long gravel road.

Hey-it looks fun, right?

  2. Driving with no headlights
  Hey, this should seem like a no-brainer. But I'm a big fan of cop chases and the such, though I probably would never get into one sometimes I like to dream. How far down the gravel road can I get with no headlights? Pretty far, it turns out.

3. And as long as we're in the car section--how about just Doing Stupid Stuff with you're car (or van) in general
 Which, for me, includes the following:
 Attempting to get through a five-foot tall snowdrift with a six-foot tall car
 Cookies or Dougnuts
 Seeing how fast you can drive backwards without going in the ditch
 Constantly trying to do that cool parking move you always see in the movies

I admit that I'm kinda jealous of this guy.

4. Blowing kisses at an event that you probably shouldn't have.
I blew kisses to everyone when I was crowned queen of royal court in 4-H. Everyone laughed and a whole bunch of people called my leader and asked her if she made me do it. I was wearing a tiara and holding roses so I thought maybe it would be appropriate . . .

I may try to be a princess-but the only thing I
am really able to be is a Dairy Queen

5. Experimenting with a deep fat fryer
  Hey! How do they make fried candy bars? What would a fried cone taste like? Do you think that we could fry an oreo without it falling apart?
  I don't think knowing the answers has helped me out one bit. But it did make up for some serious boredness.
 Same goes for blowing up ice cream cones with leftover fire crackers--it sounds amazing, but isn't as exciting as it would seem.


No, it really isn't that


 6. Teach yourself to play an instrument

It would be so nice to just be able to take lessons!!! So far I have taught myself fiddle and electric guitar, though I would recommend that you take lessons for whatever instrument you're playing if you don't live 60 miles away from a teacher.
  Wait a minute, I did get 1 fiddle lesson. From a university fiddle teacher, and for free actually. He said I was great for doing it on my own, but my technique was horrible, my posture unbelivable (as in bad!!) and that I was doing enough work to play 10 fiddles. *sigh* That's one reason why it's good to get a teacher.

  I feel so weird sometimes. Like sometimes you blogger people are the only people in this whole world who really know me. Please don't think I'm weird. Well, it's okay if you think I'm weird, because I am, but don't think I'm abnormal or crazy or anything like that. I'm just very honest and sincere. I know a lot of these things are bad, but this isn't my everday, it's my inner wild child that expresses itself sometimes. I wanted to give you tons of pictures for this post, so hope you like it.
 It may be quiet at Appaloosy Dreams for a little while, but you'll know why. Feel free to comment away, I ♥ comments and I try my best to answer each one that is directed to me. Thanks!



  1. I just wanted to tell you I put your button on my blog. (For the contest)

  2. you are not weird! It is funny, I feel like somehow we are friends or something. Odd. You are soo nice, like all my BFFs, yet you are just a blogger person. I play the piano, flute, and did violin for a little while. =) I am luck yo live close to the city/town. I used to live fairly far, but now I have moved, and live on a place where we are seriously thinking about getting a horse! =)
    PS. those things do sound fun... maybe just maybe...

  3. Interesting list of what not to do's! I find it funny how you said you did all of them! :) Everyone has a little weird in them! Some more than others! :) Thanks for following my blog!

  4. Have I told you yet? I put your button on my blog. I don't remember if I told you or not.

    How much would your book cost to order it?

  5. To order my book would be $10.50 total including the book itself, the shipping, and the blood, sweat, and tears put into writing my first ever novel. (Okay, maybe not the blood, but you know what I mean . . .) If you can wait about a month I might be able to put it up on amazon. Check out the "buy books here" page on this blog too. Thanks!


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