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Saturday, January 29, 2011

They're Finally Here!

My copies of Dusty's Trail are FINALLY here! I'm so excited. No pictures of my excitement though. I am feeling winter-depressed and some pictures of my ugly self on the internet will not help.

  It looks so much better in real life. =D

An inspirational pile of packaged books to be sent off

 And here are some of the books I have to send out, asap! Including a copy to the school in Thompson, North Dakota where I will be speaking.

And BTW you have only TWO MORE DAYS to enter the giveaway, Dusty's Trail is included as one of the prizes. I am going to add up how many times each person is entered and post it tommorrow. That is your chance to bring up any arguments or tell me if you would rather not be entered, etc. So get some more friends to follow.

Thanks a bunch, blogger friends!


  1. Oh, your not ugly!I'm so excited!!!!!!!!

  2. Mattie.... u r BEAUTIFUL! I think we all get a little depressed by winter. Don't let that get you down! It isn't what;s on the outside.... it's what's in your heart. =) you are a great Godly girl. Don't forget that. I am soo happy for you! It's good to see the books arrived. I will put up more posts and hope peeps will notice. =)


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