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Friday, December 31, 2010

New Year's Resolutions

Most of us have New Year's Resolutions at the beginning of a new year. I have a few personal ones again this year, even though I never stick with them.
   I also have some blogging (and writing) "resolutions" or goals that I will share with you. I hope to have this by the end of 2011.

♥ Get 10,000 pageviews (not including my own)

♥ Have 250 Posts

♥ Have 500 Total Comments

♥ Get 25 Comments on one post

♥ Have 4 Novels Published

♥ Sell 1,000 Copies of Appaloosy

♥ Get 100 Followers

Kind of far-fetched, huh? Reach for the sky, they say. Expect the Unexpected. Dream Big. Of course, I can't do it without any of you guys. Thanks! I hope I can help you reach your blogging dreams, too. What are your blogging goals for 2011?



  1. my resolutions, you ask?
    1. to have followers that actually comment of Live Laugh Love.
    2. To grow in my riding ability
    3. to GET A HORSE
    4. to think before I speak
    5. to grow closer to God.

  2. Yeah! I'm your newest follower. (So far) BTW, Maddy (Bookblogger) was the one who pointed me your way. (I guess she gets a second chance to win!) I have a question--more like a few.
    1. So every thing is free right? the books, the shipping, everything? No strings attached? ;)
    2. So Maddy gets an extra chance to win and I'm also entered?
    3. Is your book self published?

    I don't really ever make new years resolutions, but,
    1. to get twenty or more followers. (Lets start small)
    2. to get 1000 posts. (Getting bigger)
    3. to get 1000 veiws. (Lets stay there.)
    Oh! And to win the grand prize. :)

  3. Hey Scezzle!
    Thanks for following. Bookblogger now is entered twice into the contest. I'll answer your questions here, and probably on your blog too.
    1. EVERYTHING in this contest is free. I am just a seventeen year old kid trying to discover the inner workings of blogging and I wouldn't be able to force you to pay anyway.
    2.You're now entered in the contest too! Maddy gets two names in the hat now, and for every new follower you send my way you get to be entered again too.
    3.Yes, my book is self published. I published "Appaloosy" when I was fifteen with my own money. (I had written it when I was 13.) So far it has about 300 copies sold in this first year.I'm waiting on my second book from the publisher shortly.
    Check out the "Appaloosy Giveaway" page under the pages on the left hand side.
    Good luck on the winning the contest!

  4. Hey, my mom doesn't want me to be entered in the contest, so you can take out my name. Thanks any way!
    (Do you think you could have a little "About this book" thing so I could get a little hint of what it's about?)

  5. Cool!
    I know I just have basic stuff, do better in school pray and read the Bible more try to start writing a book(I've got ideas), get my life under control and learn how to ride.


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