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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Wednesday Writing Tip

     A day late of course.
     Wednesday just happens to be the busiest day of the week for me, but it is the only day of the week that starts with the letter "w".
     So here is your writing tip


    Writing Tip: A list of necessities for serious writing

1. A good word processor program that works well
   I wrote my first book on a low-quality word processor. It worked out alright, but if you really look at my book you will notice typos, page numbers off center, and a ton of other things that could of been solved with a good word processor.

2. White Out
   When you first begin writing, always remember that Nothing is permanent and your handy jug of white out will help you remember that

3. A punching bag or a hard physical job.

One of the most important things. When I get angry, frustrated, or stopped in my tracks by writer's block, a punching bag really would come in handy. I shovel the driveway instead.

4.Help and support from family members, agents or editors.

This will really make your life easier. Find a trusted friend or family member that will critique and give you advice on how to improve your story.
 If you do hire an editor, make sure that they are qualified for the job and that they will offer ideas and not just spelling and grammar corrections. Although agents really are helpful, I don't recommend hiring one unless you have already sold a lot of books and if the agent is very friendly. (and not just out there to get your money)

5. A small ego
 Well, you don't need a really small ego. In fact, having too small of one will hinder you. I had a very hard time when I first started out because people would ask me about my book "You wrote a book?"
   "Yeah," I would mumble and then change the subject. Obviously I didn't get a lot of book sales that way.
     But you also must not get a big head (hard for me sometimes too) or you will be disappointed and let down and your future writing career may be spoiled or even ruined.
   6. Inspiration

The most important. I know everyone won't agree with me, but I know one thing: Writing people are different people. They find inspiration in every day life and use it to their advantage. Inspiration lies everywhere, just open you mind and really look. Writers are different. Which, most of the time, is good. =)



  1. Sweet!

    Wow you have 10 followers! CHEERS!

  2. I like # 6. the best. I will often glance at something and my mind will soon be swarming like a swarm of musquitos on a hot summer day. Everything I see reminds me of a good book idea. I find inspiration from the weirdest things. Did I mention that my writing 'warm up excersize' is about an obese family? Yeah... hehe... BTW, Appaloosy is TOTALLY on my X-mas wish list. =)
    An aspiring author,

  3. I have no idea why I keep commenting. It's just that I LOVE your blog so much. I don't know why I don't have the courage to publish like you. I guess I just don't have confidence in my writing. Maybe sometime I'll send you the book I am giving my friend Alistar for Christmas. I am doing a fantasy, which I am new to. The one book I am most driven to publish is Under the Shadow of the Oak, about four children who are orphaned in the 1800s. They have to escape a cruel orphanage. I won't tell you all of it, but that's enough for now.


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