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Friday, December 17, 2010

A Piece That I Wrote for the Valley Equestrian

I can't belive that it's been almost two years since I last sent in anything to any newspapers or magazines. Here is a little something I sent in last January to my favorite Horse newspaper, the Valley Equestrian.
   Even though it's been awhile since I have sent it in, I've never shared it with my blog readers yet so here it is, as it was published:

 Mattie Richardson is a fifteen year old homeschooler who lives in the small town of Sheldon, ND with her parents, six siblings and two horses. She enjoys spending her spare time reading, writing articles, novels, poems and stories, participating in 4-H, and riding her favorite stubborn horse, Spike.

Life Lessons I've Learned from My Horse
By Mattie Richardson
The Valley Equestrian would like to thank Mattie for sharing her "Life Lessons"
with our readers. They are wonderful resolutions.
Happy New Year!

1. Always have at least one close friend.

2. Keep the burrs from under your saddle.

3. A good bite or kick will reprimand anyone.

4. Don't be afraid to be curious--but always be ready to flee.

5. Hold the reins of life lightly.

6. It's best to keep your shoes on

7. The most fun you'll have is when you horse around

8. Chomping at the bit won't get you anywhere

9. It's easy to run away from the halter and lead rope, but its honor to go to work faithfully.

10. It's always nice to have someone else groom you

11. Keep your feet in good condition--they've got to last you a lifetime

12. Always be ready to carry a friend in need.

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