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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Let It Snow! Let it Snow! Let it Snow!

     You trudge through eight inches of fresh snow, the full moon and your little flashlight are the only lights that you have to see by. The wind blows at nearly forty miles an hour, and the snow and ice pelts your face the instant you turn just a little bit. You're amazed that you were able to make it home from work only an hour ago, the roads were nearly covered in snow and you couldn't see more than ten feet ahead of you.
     But the animals are hungry and they need to be put in the barn. You rub your nose a little bit, the biting wind forces tears out of your eyes and you just know your face is redder than Rudoph's nose. There's a little hole in your sock, you can feel it as your boots fill up with snow despite the fact that you very carefully pushed your snowpants into your boots before you left the warm house. What is it out here, anyway, -5? -10 maybe? Weatherman says it's 35 below windchill.
     And welcome to my life. Well, my life in January, Feburary, and the beginning of March.
     What was that volcab word? Oh yeah, Mesenchyme, I think to myself as I pick up a nearly frozen, but yet alive, chicken out of the snow and throw it into the warm chicken coop. The jelly-like substance that seperates the epidermis from the inner cells in a sponge. I think of my Volcabulary over and over. Usually I listen to my mp3 but last time I did I only got to listen to music for about six minutes until my earbuds froze and broke off.

     North Dakota is so-well, COLD! Right now we are having a giant snowstorm. I was supposed to work today and tommorrow but Jay called me and said that I didn't have to. Well, I can kiss that decent paycheck goodbye, that's for sure. Here's some pictures! Yay!

Better get that snow off the barn before the roof collapses! Sawyer can do it.
And for a little surpise--a picture of me! Don't I look happy in this one? :D

Have a cozy day!


  1. Hey it's not that bad my mom took one of me at VBS and I looked like BLEGH!
    Internets been down :( + phone and email.
    Horrible.We had a white Christmas and I got some great stuff!Journals,2 DSI games(spelling and fashion),lotion,perfume and cash.Happy New Year!

  2. Hi, Mattie!

    Thanks so much for entering my giveaway. I will def. be checking out yours. Maybe I'll even shoot you an email later so we can talk :D


  3. Those doggies look really adorable! :)

    Take Care and thanks for following my blog! :D

  4. I had a snowstorm like this more than a month ago. It seems nasty. we hadd like two feet of snow, though. You are soooo lucky to even *have* a horse. Though we are already looking for one!


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