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Monday, December 6, 2010

It's getting closer . . .

  Boy, am I impatient for my book. I have been writing away on my new book, (chronologically--4th)  Blackberry Blossom and right now I'm about 16,000 words into it. I'm going for approximately 40,000-80,000 words, as this book is going to be a bit bigger and for the older crowd.
   Why on earth, you are wondering, is it called "Blackberry Blossom" of all things? Well the book is set in the great depression, and the main character is a girl who travels around and performs with her fiddle. I couldn't really think of a great name for it, so I looked through my old-time fiddle book to find a great name for the book.
     I could call it anything from "Boil the Cabbage" to "Turkey in the Straw" but I liked the song Blackberry Blossom best. It seems unrelated to the story, but I am going to add quite a few incidents with the song.
     As for the song itself, it's quite an interesting song but seems to be going extinct (you can look it up on youtube) so I am hoping that this book will bring it back to life a little bit.
     So grab your fiddle and play away! Maybe I should learn some Christmas songs, too.
     Your blogger friend,


  1. Hey Mattie!

    Ooh - I'm excited for that book of yours!

    Blackberry Blossom - adorable and catchy name.

    Talk to ya later!

    Your real/blogger friend,


  2. :) I'm following you publicly now. It must have been an accident! Thanks for the sweet comment. Ditto!!!

    Bleah Briann


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