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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Book Review--Mixed Bags (The Carter House Girls) by Melody Carlson

  "Mixed Bags" is an appropriate title for this Christian teen novel, about a teen girl named DJ who lives with her grandmother, who was a previous 60's fashion icon, in a large Victorian home. DJ's grandmother decides to open it as a boarding house to take in girls who may become models.
   This wasn't exactly my kind of story--I definitely cannot relate to fashion-crazy girls living together in one house, doing pretty much whatever they pleased for most of the time. I did relate, however, to the main character DJ's tomboyishness and desire to be her own person, but that wore off of her and she started to become a name-brand fashion model girl toward the end, with way-too-expensive clothing and bleached blond highlights to match.
   It was well-written, but the plot seemed to be rather weak and DJ's decision to become a Christian appears to be somewhat random and out-of -the blue.
     Just so you know, there are some topics touched that I don't think went overboard, but the book would have been okay without them .(drinking, smoking and some kissing a boy scenes)
    All-in-all, it is a "fast food" kind of writing in the book. It's not a good reading diet but it will keep you wanting more. It is pretty short, too, and I read the whole thing in a couple of hours. If you are interested in fashion and girl fights, and see this book in the library, maybe you could get it. But I don't recommend that you pay $9.99 for it, no matter how much you appreciate fashion.


  1. Nice review! It doesn't sounds like the book for me. Though I like the cover! :)

  2. Yeah the covers are very nice.As you progress in the series I think that it just goes down.Definitely some not appropriate stuff in them.Melody Carlson has very few clean and happy books.Sierra ♥ (loving that!Thanks for telling us Mattie :)

  3. It looks interesting. And, I must admit, like something I might like to read. But I also think I wouldn't want to read that kind of book. That's a hard one.
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