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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Just another everyday adventure

In the life of Mattie J. Richardson, Author, performer, fine musician and part time grocery clerk. Haha. When your living life as a homeschooled teenager you have to find adventure in everyday things.

   This last Friday I worked Freight at the grocery store in town. I've never done it before, but one of my friends who worked was sick and sort of asked me to fill in for him. Let me tell you this, first of all: freight is at 4 o'clock in the morning!
    The truck comes at four so we are supposed to be there to open all the packages and put them on the shelves and in the freezers. So, I set my alarm for 3:30, got up and started the van to let it run for awhile, then got dressed and cleaned up and put a little makeup on.
   Another thing to tell you: Freight is for Boys Only! At least that's what my boss thinks. He was pretty surprised when I showed up. He just asked me who I was working for and sent me over with Dillion to teach me what to do. We basically opened tons of boxes and stocked the shelves. There was only 3 other boys and me, there was supposed to be one other kid who didn't show up.
    I was given aisle 4, cereal and soup aisle. I have a hard time sometimes working carryout because the top of the shelves are too high for me to reach; so of course there was a ton of stuff that had to be put up top. Hey, I wasn't going to show myself as a defenseless little girl though, so I grabbed the metal carryout cart and used it for a ladder. Not without nearly falling off and bashing my shin into it, though. I winced in pain very, very quietly. But boy, I was super glad that I was all by myself in aisle 4! It was kinda funny now that I think about it, but at least I didn't actually fall with a huge crash. That would have been really embarrassing!
We only had about three pallets of groceries so we got done by about 6:00, and it was still dark outside.
   When I got home I cooked myself a hot pocket that I bought, read blogs for awhile, then crashed into bed around 7:30. My little brother woke me up at nine and then I did school and went to work at 2 for my "real" shift. I was super tired.
    But, it's always fun to learn new things. And, I guess, I learned after all, it's always boring to work freight.


  1. Haha ☺! Freight doesn't sound like a lot of fun!
    ♥Book blogger

  2. Hello Mattie. Guss who this is, because I will stock you for the rest of your life.

  3. No I was just kidding I love your blog, and the storyis it has.


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