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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Why do I always get so nervous

when I have to perform? arrgh, I'm antsy. And it's not even that big. Today at about 2:15 I will be going to the senior citizens center in Enderlin to play violin and make balloon animals for a birthday party. I don't even really know what to expect, but there are going to be elderly people there and about 18 kindergartners. Whew!
     And I am SOO out of practice too. But I guess kindergartners can't tell the difference between bad violin playing and good playing, especially if they've never heard a violin player before anyway, so it should go okay.
     I am going to do balloon stuff too. I'm going to keep it simple: Hat, dog or sword. Hopefully the balloons will stay together with those kids bashing them around but I guess all I can do is make them. :P I'll let you know how it goes.
Wish me luck,



  1. Have fun! Hope things go well for you. :)

  2. Good luck!Whenever we get a balloon animal(usually a dog)my youngest sister always seems to it undone.So we have had many attempts to fix them.For the most part they get fixed.Sierra

  3. Have fun! I've played my violin in a seniors center before. It's not that bad. I guess maybe I'm used to it though!

  4. Yeah, I play a lot for seniors but I still get nervous all the time! Kudos to you book blogger for keeping the violin-playing tradition alive!

  5. Hey, I got my stuff!

  6. Hey MattieR!

    No, I don't have my books yet. But I might get them this evening! We only go to check the post office that has the books twice a week, but today we are going. I hope they are there! If they are, I'll email you a picture of me with them as soon as possible (probably today)

    ♥ Book blogger

  7. Hi Mattie!

    So, here's what's going on with the draw.
    My books came today! All THREE of them!
    Which means, I got the Appaloosy book you sent me a while back AND the two books that you just sent me. I just don't understand it. The first book should NOT have taken that long to come.
    So, can I keep ALL the books? I have someone in mind that I'd like to give your "Appaloosy" book to. I KNOW she'd love it!

    ♥ Book blogger

  8. Sorry for commenting so much, but I am sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo excited! I have your books in front of me!!!!!!!!!! I am taking a two week blogging break starting this weekend, and will read the books during my break!!!!
    (Just a quick reminder, I have two Appaloosy books. I can send them back if you want, but I would LOVE it if you'd let me keep it and give it to a friend. I just KNOW she'd love your book!)
    P.S. whoever did the covers on your books, they did an awesome job!

  9. I emailed you a picture of me with the books!!!

  10. Hi Mattie:
    I have a new blog, so you can now find me at:
    And, I changed my name from Gallop Girl, to Rebecca, which is my real name :)
    In HIS service,

  11. Good luck and most importantly have fun! :) I tagged you! Just go to

  12. how are you? Love the blog!


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