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Sunday, October 24, 2010

I Need More Books!!

  I already need some more Appaloosy books. I sold ten while I was visting Grandma in South Dakota and found that I only have six copies left in the bottom of the box. 200 down, 800 more to go. :) Well, that's my goal for now anyway. I hope I can get them ordered in time for the Snowball Festival in Valley City. Come Visit Me ! Ley still has my second book but I hope I get it back soon.
   I think I will publish an excerpt of it on this blog. Look for it soon! It is still untitled, so maybe I will have a poll for the name of the book too.

    I'll upload another quick picture. (Thanks Michele for having a camera ready. Although I hate pictures of myself they sometimes come in handy)
  Here's one of me at the Premium sale at the Ransom County Fair with my filly Sunny. A little bit of inspiration for me, she also helps to  keep my stories on the realistic side. She's two years old and I've been working on breaking her to ride and she's doing great! We took first in the Senior division at the fair.

Boy-I'm Feeling Nervous. How about you?

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