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Friday, October 29, 2010

Royal Court

     What is Royal Court? Well, it's something I just jumped into this year. I'm now a candidate and I went in yesterday to be interview judged.
     Is something or other for 4-H and I think the main thing that you do is hand out ribbons at the fair but I think you have to show up to some other things. When I filled out the application there was no description. But I like most of the things in   4-H and Royal court sounds like another way to be involved.
     They mostly asked questions on involvement in the community and 4-H. Thankfully I've had enough experiences to tell them all about it. I think I got pretty red, just sitting in their talking to the two people in a quiet room but I think I'll make it out okay. They were nice. I'm not sure if I'll win, they announce who won on awards night (the 15th of November)
    Although since there are only four candidates, I think I'll have a fairly good chance.

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