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Monday, November 1, 2010

And the Award for Most Un-photogenic Person in the World Goes To . . .

  Mattie Richardson!!
Thank you, thank you very much! I always knew this award would come to me! I just can't stand looking at myself in pictures, and apparently no one else can either!

   Allright, I'll quit being mean to myself. I am terrible in photos though. That's why it's a good thing no one took any pictures of me yesterday. We were going to go trick or treating but ended up going to the party at church. I didn't care too much anyway, I just didn't want to scramble around and find materials to make five homemade costumes out of. It was pretty cool for the kids, they had carnival games that the kids could play and win awards. It was from 5:30-8 and at the end they had a little message for the kids. Then they gave out candy. Although I would have liked the one in Philip, SD better though. I still get candy there. And a BUNCH of candy actually means a Bunch of candy. We all went home with at least one full plastic grocery bag of candy. Here a bunch was less then there a bunch, but the kids still had a good time.

A renegade--A creature so hard to capture with a camera, it's
almost crazy. Otherwise known as Eva.

Sawyer got drafted into crazy balloon making.

Violette in disguise.

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