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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Wednesday Writing Tip

Did I say I was going to do something interesting and fun? That I would post on it the next day?
     Well, it turns out that it was SO interesting that I didn't get a chance to post anything yesterday. Yeah, right. The only thing we did yesterday was make pumpkin to put in the freezer but I guess I can write about that tomorrow. I didn't go to youth group.
      Here's your writing tip of the week--fresh from my head.

Writing Tip-- Making It Work

   This is one of the hardest things about writing fiction--your story must work. What do I mean by work? Well, if you read closely in most fiction books you will realise that there is a specific pattern that most of the stories follow. A book can be divided into about six parts:

     The introduction introduces your characters, the people who will lead people through your story.
 The conflict is just what it sounds like. A conflict that comes along to make life hard for your character.
    From the crisis to the climax the author uses the skill of suspense building. The problem builds, new characters arise, etc. The Climax is the point at which the novel is the most tense. It is where your main character has to confront the enemy, his fears, and whatever else is involved.
     The resolution is the knight in shining armor. Most often it comes just in the nick of time. It may be an idea, an escape, or the main character making a realization about his life and problems. This is the time when the conflict is solved.
     The conclusion is the cooling point of a novel. It helps keep the story from ending too suddenly. However, you shouldn't keep going on and on until you get to the next story. Save that for an epiloge or sequel.
     It's funny how I tell you to use this though, because I didn't sit down and plan out Appaloosy like this (though most authors do plan their books out before they invest a lot of time into it). I just sat down in front of the computer and wrote it. You will, however, see that it matches this pattern.
     So, just do what feels right to you. Some people say that if you plan it out, it will help you keep away writer's block. I find it the opposite. But like so many things it's just another thing that defines your writing style.


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