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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Geometry For Dummies

   Is there such a thing? Because if there is, I want it!!!!
   Euclid, who is commonly called the father of geometry, invented Proofs and Postulates in his book the Elements around 300 B.C. primarily to torture high-school kids in the 20th and 21rst Centuries.
     I don't know why Geometry is so hard for me. Algebra was fairly easy, although I find writing and English much more enjoyable than I got about a 75% score on my test. So you know what that means for homeschoolers. STUDY, study, study and TRY again. Try again until you get a B. Which is all I'll probably be able to get in Geometry anyway. Darn! I hate it.

     Nothing too interesting happened today. Right now I was working on page numbers for my book. I am so close to having it published and I still can't think of what to call it. So far I have two names: The Dusty Trail, or Brave Spirit. I think that I would call it "The Dusty Trail" because the story is about the journey of a horse called Dusty. But I don't know if I should call it "Brave Spirit" partially because it sounds so cool and partially because it is about a character who learns the true meaning of courage. So E me or comment! What do you think?
     And about the page numbers--those are the hardest things in the world to figure out. I almost ripped the cord out of the wall and threw my computer out the window I was so frustrated. But thankfully there was some other; cheaper objects for me to take out my wrath on.
     I hope to have the press-ready manuscript ready tomorrow. I am sending it to one more person to read for typos then It's off to the publishing house!!! I'm so excited, I hope I can have it ready for Christmas.
     No pictures today, sorry. I spent the majority of my afternoon facing grocery aisles at Jay's. But tomorrow we are going to do some fun and interesting stuff, so I'll have at least one photo of that. Make sure to check it out! ;)

  Mattie "MJ" Richardson

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