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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Dusty's Trail


The countdown begins. I'm setting up thirty as the number of days that you'll have to wait to see my new book. (It may be more or less depending on a lot of different things) VERY unfortunately, it will not be in time for Christmas, but I will be making advance sale coupons for those who want to buy them as a gift. In "celebration" I will post the synopsis of the book here. It is what will be on the back of the book. However, it may change if I get the proof and I don't like it.


When young Levi Anderson reads this ad in a local newspaper, he can hardly resist the urge to saddle up and head out for a new job.

Trouble is, his horse Dusty doesn’t think it’s such a good idea.

Dusty enjoys his quiet life working on Levi’s small family ranch, taking Levi to town, chasing cows, fixing fence and sometimes even horseracing with the neighbors. He couldn’t imagine leaving.

Levi steals away in the middle of the night, taking the reluctant Dusty along with him. Dusty may sometimes rear and buck, gallop and balk, but he tries to be good and really is in with his friend and rider Levi for the long run. And the more they gallop on those wild runs with the “Pony Mail”, the closer they bond as friends.

But when Indian trouble arises, endangering the Pony Express Stations and Levi’s life, will Dusty prove to be a worthy mount?

     Keep on reading this blog for other cool stuff coming up!
     Day  #25 - See what the advance sale coupons look like (I will try to make them a little special for those who wish to put them under the tree)
     Day #20-- Book excerpt of Dusty's Trail -- about one full quarter of an exciting chapter

     Day  #10--Get a look at the painting that will be used for the cover

     Day  #5-- I spill the beans about my third book! =)
     Day #1-- Get a look at the finished product!
     Day # 0 -- I send out pre-ordered books.

  To pre-order books, email me or call me. I am setting up a pre-order special, all the way to day #0.
     Buy the first book at retail price ($7.95) , and get the second for $6.00, or buy three for $20. I will send out advance sale coupons as soon as I receive payment for the books.  

     Here's an awesome picture of a Pony Express rider I found on the Internet. The picture conveys some of the action and adventure that lies in my new book!Sorry, I'm just sooooo excited! I hope you are too!


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