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Saturday, November 13, 2010

A Quiet Day

  It's quiet around here today. I worked at Jay's from 10-3 (a horrible shift) and then came home. Yesterday, I was supposed to bring the kids to Minnesota around 10:00 am or so, but before I even set off I drove into the ditch. There I said it. I was driving too fast and being stupid, so I drove right into the ditch after attempting to make a 45 mph turn on a small gravel back road.
Man, I wish I had my camera with me!!
    I was so mad that I was crying, but I think it would of made a wonderful picture story for 4H and for my blog. I had three of the kids with me. I had my sister (10 years old) drive and I tried to push it out of the ditch. I had gone into the ditch before, and usually I can get that little car out by myself. However, all we managed to do was get it stuck about a hundred times worse. The front end was jammed into a piece of land that stuck out a little too far, and the back end was stuck into the side of the ditch.
  I cried. I screamed. I cussed. I prayed. I don't handle car accidents (even if they're very minor) too well. Then I called my dad and sat down in the ditch to cry. I had just gotten my hair cut that morning too and I didn't have time to comb it so I hung in my face and made me look even more pathetic.
   Before dad came over someone else stopped. Two guys came out. "Hey, are you alright?" one of them asked. I wiped that horrible frown off my face and attempted to smile. "Yeah. I 'm waiting for my dad." I explained my circumstances to them and I'm sure they thought I was a moron, but when Dad came and brought a chain the two men (one of which happened to know my dad) helped us get out with their pickup.
     Dad didn't kill me either or call me bad names or anything. I think that he probably knew what a bad time I was having already (trying to raise the kids, get my schoolwork done, work on my second book, keep the house clean, figure out what to make for meals, and all that other stuff) I was stressed out to the max and making it to Fergus Falls to meet the grandparents on time made it even worse. He didn't say anything.
     So I'm alright.


P.S. Sorry no pictures at all. If I find some AA batteries I can post a few new ones.

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