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Monday, November 8, 2010

Redheads . . .UNITE!

   A variation of Karl Marx's slogan, "Working men of all countries, UNITE!" :D
    Nothing too interesting is going on here today. Dad's home so that means I'll probably have to go to work with him. The house is a mess and I don't care.
     Some weird red head facts:
  • Redheads make up less than 4% of the world population, making it the world's most unusual hair color
  • There was once a rumor going around that redheads would become extinct. It is a myth that is entirely false.
  • Red hair is actually caused by a genetic mutation
  • Redheads are traditionally associated with a bad temper and that they can get mad easily. How weird is that? I don't get too mad at anyone. (except my brother)
  • Sixty percent of people who dye their hair do so at home. Of that, 26% go blond, 27% any brunette color, and 30% choose red hair. Jealous, are we?
  • Red heads often get picked on mercilessly. I don't understand that at all. It's not like we chose red hair.
     So, I've decided to just live with it instead of hating it or dying my hair some other color. (I can do that when I'm old!) People always say stuff like; Stand out, Be different, you don't have to be like everyone else! So I apply that to red hair. Like I always tell anyone who picks on me for it you're just jealous. :P

    So, I hope your day is going well. I now have 2 followers! Thanks Michele!
     Here's a redhead joke for you to finish off:

     There was once a lovely couple who had been married for 50 years. The wife was growing quite old and felt as if she was going to die soon. So she told her husband, "Go up to the closet in my room. On the top shelf, you'll find a box. Bring that to me please."
     The loving husband did as he was told. He brought the box down and showed it to her. "Open it." she said.
     Inside was two doilies and $45,324 in cash. The husband was puzzled. "What is this?" he asked.
     "Well, my mother told me never to let my red headed temper get the best of me," the wife answered, "so she told me to make a doily every time I got mad at you."
     The husband was touched that in 50 years of marriage, the wife only had gotten mad at him twice. "So what is the $45, 324 for?" He asked.
     "Oh," said the wife, "that's the money I made selling all the other doilies"

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  1. Ha ha, love the joke.
    Hey, don't feel bad! I *want* red hair! :) I love yours, Mattie!

    Talk to you later!


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