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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Wednesday Writing Tip

   Okay, it's not Wednesday today but I got a little busy yesterday. Mom and four of the kids are going to South Dakota again to help take care of Grandma. They left this morning. We were busy packing and cleaning yesterday. So here's your tip:


Writing tip-- Keeping a Schedule

Everyone needs to keep somewhat of a schedule to be able to finish a novel. Even with short stories, essays, songs and articles, it helps to be able to have a schedule to stick to.
    If you're really serious about writing, I recommend at least a two-hour time slot every day for writing. The more, the better. But it is better if you write consistently for a little each day rather than a huge chunk of time on Saturday, for example.
     If you do it for fun and don't plan on publishing or really showing a lot of people, whenever you feel like writing would be okay. But it usually takes about 30 min. to "warm up" to your story and get in the right mindset, so at least that much time would be needed to make some progress.
   Now: when should I write? It doesn't really matter, as long as there isn't a lot of distractions and you have the time. I personally prefer writing from after supper to late into the night, but sometimes I do my writing in the morning. Some people prefer to do it in the afternoons. Whenever you feel best writing is when you should write. Find your groove and fit in it! You'll find yourself making a ton of progress if you just find a good writing schedule and stick with it!


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